According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, a Korean company is experimenting with Twitter as a means to communicate with and between its 7,000 strong workforce.

Some brief details:

...At LG CNS, a group of developers who maintain the company's array of internal message boards, employee blogs and databases decided the Twitter-style service could provide a means for mass communication that was less formal than email and less technical than postings on topic-oriented bulletin boards.

The group of employees took several of the key Twitter APIs and built BizTweet on LG CNS's internal network. Last month, they invited 1,000 employees to test BizTweet.

What has emerged, they say, is a real-time public conversation in the company.

On Monday, the company made BizTweet available to all of its employees, and they posted more than 300 messages...

For more detail see Korean Firm Tweaks Twitter for Workers by Evan Ramstad.