According to The Times today England's chances of landing the 2018 World Cup has been dealt a severe blow by a work blogger!

Some details:

The first indications that a storm was brewing were made public more than a month ago.

But only the most eagle-eyed internet observer would have stumbled across the anonymous blog post.

“I am a single thirtysomething from London,” it began.

“I have been working as a Whitehall civil servant since 2002.”

What followed were claims that the author was friends with a former Labour minister.

“Mr T” worked in a “high-profile position”.

Yesterday it emerged that Mr T was in fact Lord T — David Triesman — the chairman of the Football Association.

What was more, the blogger, Melissa Jacobs, had secretly taped the peer, also the head of England’s 2018 World Cup bid, making a series of ill-judged remarks that swiftly became his undoing.

See Melissa Jacobs: the civil servant blogger with ‘beautiful eyes’.